The 5 Jordan sneakers to remember

1984 was the year in which Michael Jordan made his NBA debut. Already then he was a super-star, a call to greatness, a media figure who, despite his youth, competed for side by side with the icons of the league. They were Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, and Robert Parish.

Jordan’s fame, encouraged by his remarkable collegial performance with North Carolina, cheap jordans for sale,was also sustained by the impact that the footwear caused under his name: the Air Jordan sneakers or shoes.

American youth fell in love with them: wearing the same shoes that made Jordan “the chosen one” was aspirational. We remember the 5 most notable Air Jordan models. Read on!

Air Jordan I

The first installment was subject to several fines by the NBA because they were not predominantly white. In essence, they were designed exclusively for Michael Jordan, but they were mass-produced for the public to start selling in 1985. They are the brand’s flagship model and feature the first logo: “the one with the wings” and not the famous “Jump man,” which would come out in later years.

1. Air Jordan III

Put on sale in 1988, they largely eliminated the red color of the first model and introduced the world to the “Jump man,” the logo inspired by the silhouette of Jordan on his flight to drive a ball. They also had a textured design at the bottom. According to the brand, the Air Jordan III was Michael Jordan’s favorites.

2. Air Jordan IV

Designed by Tinker Hatfield, who also did it with the Air Jordan III, they were the first model that had a global impact, cheap jordan 11,when exporting outside the United States and Canada for the first time in the history of the brand. It was also sold in several colors: White-Gray, Black-gray, White-black-red, white-blue. With them, Jordan made the famous “The Shot” with which he defined game 5 of the first round of playoffs between Cavs and Bulls on the horn.

3. Air Jordan XI

A revolutionary design that Hatfield machined while Jordan played baseball in the little leagues. He added a carbon fiber on the sole, the combination of colors on the bottom and the design on the instep, which plays with the shape that the laces draw, made them one of the favorite models around the world. Jordan used them to appear in Space Jam, in 1996, which acquired greater notoriety.

4. Air Jordan XII

Improved version of the previous model, meant an advance in footwear technology by including a layer between the sole and the foot called “air zoom tech.” Therefore, it is considered as one of the most durable and resistant models of the entire saga. With them, Jordan played the game known as “The Flu,” in which despite a stomach virus he scored 38 points to win the fifth game of the 1997 finals against Utah Jazz.

Today, there is a wide range of cheap Jordan shoes available on the market. Designed specifically for sports, you can also wear them with your informal attire. Make sure you choose the best Jordan shoes on sale. Good Luck!

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